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Man, he was here when it all began and he'll be the center of all when it ends.


They say time is the only constant but the irony is time is forever changing and that is the essence that makes it constant. Generations after generations came and left with mysteries and unsaid phrases in their hearts. The cycles of life goes on, one comes and the other goes but the primitive nature of man, it comes back with the same intensity in every man. We left the world of stones behind us and entered the web of cities and skyscrapers but man stayed the same.

Male, the counterpart of a female. This is not a criticism of any form but a mere observation.

Male chauvinism, this is a term we're all familiar with but just to refresh the memory,

It reflects a man's nature and a set of fixed beliefs and attitude of male superiority paralleling unconcealed or disguised devaluation of women. They believe that women are born inferior to men and any woman who tries to challenge this faces the wrath and backlash from the society because sadly,

Some women, mostly educated and living in rural areas have been programmed to happily accept their inferior status, they don’t voice out their opinions because they don't think they're valuable.

This is what develops and feeds a man's nature and it is women who nurture this.

Every complex, superior or inferior arises due to an underlying or overlooked issue.

What breeds this mind frame? What allows a man to feel possessiveness

Why does a man have to be manly? Why can't he be accepted as a timid person?

And it is not just in humans, this attribute of territorial possessiveness is also found in animals such as lions who don't let other male step foot into their territory and fight till death for a piece of land.

The idea of being the alpha male is a fundamental necessity in the mind of a man and it has caused wars. The holocaust led by Hitler killed close to six million jews, all those people lost their lives

because they were labelled inferior by The Nazis who considered themselves "racially superior"

This fanaticism and brutality is triggered by the need to possess and conquer and can be traced back to the old ages.

All this observation can be wrapped up with a look on circumstances that produces misogyny and hypocrisy in our society.

It could be an infantile need which was ignored that grew up with the man and made him malignant as he grew up,

it could be because of a primitive desire such as oedipus complex theorized by Sigmund frued which made him belligerent and authoritative.

Or it could just as much be the nature of man.

Time has been here before, history has had you and me, the props change but not this.